A typical debating evening: What do we do?

You might be wondering what our Tuesdays look like in regards to our ‘schedule’. We debate every Tuesday evening at 6:45 pm, but most members of Trivium meet approximately an hour ahead of time to have dinner in the Refter. After that, we move to room E3.01 to meet with those who could not join us for dinner so our activities can begin.

Note that we normally have debates in Dutch, as it’s the language the majority of our members are most comfortable with in a debate. However, we accommodate our international members with English debates every first Tuesday of the month.

Usually we divide up our evening between one British Parliament debate and one American Parliament debate, depending on how many members are present. It’s not a rare occurance that multiple debates will be going on at once in separate rooms due to many people showing up at our debates.

Prior to the first debate, a board member will present the first motion and the randomly assigned teams, as well as the judges and possible room assignments. This gives the various teams fifteen minutes to prepare for the debate, after which we reconvene to commence the game.

After the debate, the judges have time to discuss the results of the debate whilst the debaters wait outside the room. The debate usually continues or is carefully dissected during this period. When the judges have made their final call, they will reveal the results and announce the winner. This is paired with (personal) feedback and constructive analysis of the debate.

After the results of the first debate, we meet in E3.01 for another 15 minute break. During this time, members tend to discuss the results or argumentations used during the previoud debate. This intermezzo also allows a look over the calendar for the following weeks. Here, members can see whether they want to take part in any planned events by the committee or an upcoming tournament, for example. This time also serves as a point, where members who weren’t able to make it for the first debate, will be able to join us now so they can take part in the second one.

After this second debate, it is usually time for us to depart: the Erasmusbuilding closes around 21.45. Not to worry though: this gives us an excuse to continue the night in our regular haunt, Café de Kluizenaar. Here, everyone can continue their conversations over drinks for as long as they would like.