Info for Internationals (English version)

Our Society

Trivium, the student debating society of Nijmegen, is a fairly new and active one. Some of our members solely join to debate, while others join in search of fun and camaraderie.

We organise weekly meeting on Tuesdays on the third floor of the Erasmusbuilding (E3.01) starting at 18.45. On these evenings we engage in debates on all manner of subjects. A wide variety of subjects will be discussed in these evenings, that range from political to scientific debates or even the occasional ethical clash. After sharpening our verbal skills we will continue our evening over at Café De Kluizenaar around ten o’clock to enjoy a few drinks.

Aside from our weekly debates, we seek to actively engage in debate competitions all around the Netherlands, as well as various international tournaments. On top of this, we host our own yearly tournament here in Nijmegen. In 2015 we even had the honor of organizing the debating National Championship and this year the Mace tournament.

Although our club doesn’t do any hazing or fraternities, we do have a few committees to help our club grow and thrive. These committees set up all sorts of fun activities throughout the year, e.g. dinner rouler and the occasional movie night. Naturally, we provide some more thought-provoking activities, such as masterclasses by our own experienced members or sometimes a guest speaker about particular aspects of debating. In order to ease our new and/or prospective members into the exciting world of debating, we also offer a beginner’s course in debating that will explain all the basics and rules of debating.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, do join us at one of our Tuesday meetings and see that joining Trivium will be a worthwhile addition to your college experience!